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Looking for Acting Classes in Cyprus*?

Well, look no further!

I know that it's hard now with the virus to be able to concentrate in classrooms AND wearing a mask the whole time. I mean, what a crazy time we live in! However, if you want to stimulate your mind with more than just maths and science, why not have some music and drama in your life?

I decided to share my knowledge that I have acquired in Los Angeles and enrich the lives of all ages with the Arts. I have partnered with an amazing musician, Gabriella Metz and we are ready to bring you America's creative industry to Cyprus!

What we offer:

Piano lessons

Vocal lessons

Music Theory

Acting class

Camera Work

Voice and Speech

and College Prep for anyone interested in studying in the field!

All you have to do is send us a message for more info and we are able to book your trial lesson!

We also have different combo offers between drama and music classes! Shoot me an email on my contact page and WE CAN START LEARNING!

*Cyprus inquiries only

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