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What new headshots can do!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

As all actors and performers know, your headshot is everything, it's what sells you to the industry. That is a horrible sentence but it's true. It is the Artist's Business Card.

I recently had my headshots taken with Chris John Photography and let me tell you - they are the BEST! I have gotten so many auditions, bookings and interest! I can now also start head-hunting a manager and agent with these pics! Look Out Hollywood, here I come Hot and Heavy!

I guess its a blessing and a curse being an actor. You get to be on set, explore characterizations, meet new and interesting people; but the back end of the business is challenging! You have to always update your Actors tools and tricks, your media and social pages, and never stop networking! Don't get me wrong, I love it! It's a dream come true! However you need to learn the balance between everything. Make sure if you are truly focused on pursuing this career path you have these steps checked off your headshot list:


- Find outfits that you feel comfortable in but also compliment your body type. Make sure they also fit well!

- Don't overdress - but its good to layer a shirt with a jacket on top (it also gives you two different looks)

- Don't wear turtlenecks because they crowd your face.

- Avoid busy patterns, prints, large lines etc.

- Find Different neck line shirts bring out different shapes of your face

- Find Various color tops that bring out your eye color

- Keep jewelry simple and small - nothing that distracts from your face!

- Make-up should be clean and natural - avoid using moisturizers or sunscreen on the day of the shoot.

- Wear heavy translucent powder or constantly apply

- Line lips before adding matte lipstick

- Avoid shimmers and glitter!!

- Don't use any new products on your hair or face a day before the shoot as you might have a bad reaction!

- Accessorize with glasses to show a different look (business to casual)


- Edgy, biker chick

- Girl Next Door or cute college student

- Commercial Smile

- The CW/ vampire look

- Slight head tilt and smirk

- Always look at the camera and tell the lens what you're thinking with your eyes.

Practice your looks before hand at home so your shoot doesn't take longer than it should! I linked a Practice Video that will help with your shoot!

Good Luck to all your Actors out there!

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