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Angie and Julius Carter @ Fresh Fish

Angie and Julius Carter on set for "Hope"

Join us on Monday 6th May for some Stand-Up Comedy and an exciting performance with Julius Carter, Anthony Ginzburg and myself, Angie!

We will performing our original songs like "Hope", Lover's Game and some brand new singles that will be accompanied by Anthony Ginzburg on the bass.


Fresh Fish is located in the Mainstage at The Clubhouse in Los Feliz (1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles) at 8:30pm and runs approximately an hour and a half.



I was always musically involved. As a young adult, I was always performing, either in musical theatre productions on the island to performing night gigs in little bars. Music has always been a part of my life and I don't think I will ever give it up. It has given me another way to express my feelings and emotions through songwriting. I intend to find a producer to record my songs professionally, and who knows, you might be seeing my name on Spotify or iTunes soon!

Julius Carter


Julius(also know as Mason Greer) has also been writing since a young age. Starting from short stories to books to Rap rhymes and songs. Not only is he involved in music, but his main love in the industry is Directing and Acting. A couple of films he worked on are Award Winners like "Through the Night", "Lights Out" and "Generation Z". You can find more info on his website


Anthony Ginzburg


Growing up in a musical family, he enjoys playing the bass, drums, guitar and piano. Living under the roof with a 80s Rock Guitarist, Anthony enjoys bands like Muse, Deep Purple, Queen and many more. Like all of us in this little musical collaboration, he also dabbles in the Acting, Modeling and Film production world. Go check out his Instagram for more cool and inspiring content!


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