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A Musical Tribute

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

It's been hard these last couple of weeks as I lost very dear friend of mine. I've been trying to stay busy with work, auditioning and trying to get my feet back on the ground. One of the things that always puts me in a good mood - as for a lot of people - is music. And that is what got me out of bed, a songwriting book and a guitar.

Five minutes later "Penelope" was created. Mason Greer, one of my closest friends, helped me record and film her tribute song. Twenty-Four Hours later it got over 1000 views, 500+ likes and 80+ comments. Not only did I make myself happy by writing a song for my friend, but I filled thousands of peoples memory with her presence. She will now always be in our minds and live on forever.

"Penelope" was a great soul and walked the Earth with "love, passion, loyalty" and never gave up or quit when things got hard. She was in Australia, pursuing her dreams by starting her Masters Degree when her accident happened. In the name of Penelope, we started a fundraiser to donate to a scholarship fund for women trying to get an education in developing countries. We have already raised 11,000 british pounds in less than two days. If you would like to donate, the link is attached!

Hope you enjoy the song and keep my dear friend "Penelope" Alive.

One of the biggest smiles, warmer that a summer's day.

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